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The Wichita Eagle: Local Signal 88 Security Honored as Medium Market Franchise of the Year
The brand's Wichita location was recently recognized at its national conference.

After getting laid off, Kris Withrow decided to become his own boss and invest in a security franchise. Now his Signal 88 Security location, which he owns with his wife Traci, was just named medium market franchise of the year at the company's national conference. 

The Wichita franchisee initially worked part-time for Signal 88 in Omaha, where the company is based. He had knowledge of the brand's franchising model and was able to get into the business early on. According to the Wichita Eagle, Withrow said they own the 10th-oldest of what are now about 120 Signal 88 franchises. 

Withrow credits some of Signal 88's success to its internal use of technology as well as his successful hiring process.

“We want to hire people who have aspirations to do something other than security,” he said. “At last count, we’ve had 18 former employees who have gone on to various police departments or sheriff’s departments.”

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