Signal 88 Calls Out Need for Community Heroes During Annual Conference in Palm Springs, California

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Signal 88 Calls Out Need for Community Heroes During Annual Conference in Palm Springs, California
Signal 88 Calls Out Need for Community Heroes During Annual Conference in Palm Springs, California
Dozens of Signal 88 Security Franchisees and corporate team members gathered in Palm Springs, California this past February to recognize the hard work of its growing franchise system.

As a former U.S. Army Ranger who worked in the Middle East, Mike Daly is no stranger to putting others’ safety before his own. When he returned to civilian life after eight years in the military, Daly knew he wanted to start his own business. Launching a security company seemed like a logical next step given his background, and it gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion on his own home turf—and that’s to promote greater peace of mind within his community. That’s when he turned to Signal 88 Security, the nation’s leading security franchise.

Countless other people within the Signal 88 system share a similar story to Daly’s. And today, after the launch of its franchise opportunity in 2008, Signal 88 has grown into a nationwide entity. To date, there are more than 125 franchise owners throughout the country and counting—resulting in a vast network of more than 2,500 employees who are dedicated to keeping their local communities safe.

To recognize and celebrate the contributions that these Signal 88 ambassadors are making to their local communities, the brand hosted its annual conference last month in Palm Springs, California.

“The annual conference is the most exciting time of the year for us. It gives us a chance to establish initiatives and objectives for the year ahead, while also giving us a reason to come together as a team to celebrate the successes from the previous year,” said Reed Nyffeler, the CEO of Signal 88 Security. “But, perhaps most importantly, it allows us to share ideas and move forward on the best and strongest foot possible. We took a look at the outcome of people who attended versus those who didn’t. And what we found was that over a four-year period of time, Franchisees who attended the conference performed two-and-a-half times better. Based on that statistic alone, it’s clear that this event is in invaluable opportunity.”

In addition to giving Franchisees the opportunity to network and share best practices, the annual conference is an opportunity to recognize some of the brand’s top performers.

“The fabulous thing about being a franchise network is having the opportunity to reward Franchisees who worked so hard. We have awards designed so anyone can qualify—it’s about recognizing the owners who embody our core values, and understand the importance of being a mentor,” Nyffeler said. “Our Franchisees take great pride in these awards—and rightfully so. They work incredibly hard to ensure the utmost safety in the communities they serve.”

Kris and Traci Withrow were two of the many Franchisees recognized at the conference. The business partners were awarded as the Medium Market Franchisee of the year. The other national awards were for small and large markets.

The Withrows started their security business in June 2009 in Derby, Kansas with just three employees. Since then, they’ve grown steadily, and today, they have 55 full and part-time employees.

“With a lot of hard work and the great support of the entire Signal 88 team, we’ve been able to turn a new business into a thriving operation that has become an integral part in our community,” Kris Withrow said. “It’s a great honor to be recognized for our contributions to the town of Derby.”

In the year ahead, Signal 88 is looking to expand its network even further by enhancing and building on its brand values. To make this happen, Signal 88 also announced during the conference that it would be rolling out new software and technology that will help Franchisees better manage their local operations. In doing so, Nyffeler said, there’s no limit to what Signal 88’s franchisees can achieve in 2017 and beyond.

“This year, our conference’s theme was ‘Rise.’ In 2016, we recognized the need for a hero. Now, we’re calling out the opportunity for Franchisees to rise up and be that hero in their community,” Nyffeler said. “No longer can the world expect others to do what we’re all capable of doing. It’s time to take ownership. It’s time to rise up and hold ourselves accountable. And that’s exactly what I’m encouraging each and every one of our Franchisees to do. With that in mind, I believe we can make a real impact in our communities.” 


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