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Sarasota Patch: Homeless Veteran Finds a Fresh Start with Signal 88 Security
After living on the streets of Sarasota, Steven Stouffer was able to find a new career opportunity with the security franchise.

After serving his country for almost a decade, U.S. Marine Corps. veteran Steven Stouffer found himself diagnosed with PTSD, unemployed and living on the streets of Sarasota. His story is similar to thousands of veterans across the U.S., but with the help of Goodwill Veteran Services of Manasota, Stouffer was able to start a new career path with Brian Hannon and franchisee, Tim Robinson at the Sarasota Signal 88 Security

“When they approached me, they were really wonderful,” Stouffer told the Sarasota Patch. “It was so like being back in the team.”

Partnering with Goodwill Veterans Services of Manasota has helped Signal 88 spread the word about employment opportunities for veterans. So far, the business has hired six veterans and hopes to employ and help many more.

“I lost my way when I got out of the service and was really at ground zero to the point even where suicide was an option,” Stouffer told the Sarasota Patch. “A fellow vet picked me up and said ‘this isn’t the way. We were put here to make a difference – both in military service and out of service.’”

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