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Franchising Today: Signal 88 Security’s Business Model Benefits Both Franchisees and Consumers
The brand gives security professionals the tools they need to successfully operate a business while keeping local communities safe.

Since its founding in 2003, Signal 88 Security has worked to make people feel safe in an increasingly threatened world. It does that by teaming up with experienced security professionals and turning their passion for helping people into a successful business in communities across the country.

“Our franchisees are formal military and police officers who are familiar with how to protect their communities, but maybe don’t understand the business aspect,” said Signal 88 co-founder and CEO Reed Nyffeler in an interview with Franchising Today. “We provide operations, administration, payroll, billing and other support services to help franchise owners run their businesses effectively.”

The majority of Signal 88’s business—70 percent—comes from providing security to multifamily apartment complexes. The rest of its business is made up of keeping certain sites and special events safe. Signal 88 is looking to partner with franchisees who have security experience in addition to strong leadership abilities as it continues to grow both domestically and internationally.

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