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Columbia Daily Tribune: Private Security Industry Grows in Columbia as Population Rises
Signal 88 Security's local office now employs about 40 officers in the area.

As Columbia Missouri's population continues to grow, there is also a need for more security in the area and many property managers and other organizations have hired private security to help keep areas safe. Signal 88 Security is one of a few companies that provide the additional security support.

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, Signal 88 Security changed its name from Signal 88 Columbia to the current Signal 88 Security when Doug Lane took over in July 2015. Since Lane joined Signal 88, the company has grown from him being the only employee to Lane employing about 40 officers.

The reason for the boom in the private security companies in Columbia is because of the realization that Columbia Police don't have the resources to respond to every call, especially low importance ones. "We want to be the last voice of reason before 'stupid happens,' is what I call it," Lane said. "Before a bad decision is made that takes it to a level where law enforcement is needed."

Nowadays the officers at Signal 88 Security use their smartphones to take down notes of an accident and take video of the same if they need property owners to view the surveillance from wherever they may be.

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