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Spokane Journal of Business: Signal 88 Targets Spokane, Washington for Development as Demand for Increased Security Grows in the State
The brand expects franchisees who sign on to develop and own the market to thrive.

Signal 88 Security franchise is hoping to grow in Washington, and is specifically looking for franchisees to help expansion efforts in Spokane. The Spokane Journal of Business recently spoke with CEO Reed Nyffeler about the brand and their franchisee search.

According to the article, the brand sees the state of Washington as a great fit.

Said Nyffeler, “We feel that Washington has a good market for security services currently. With the government investing less into policing, and the regular police occupied by more significant crimes, that gives companies like ours the opportunity to help prevent some of these security issues.”

There's a great demand for Signal 88's services in the Spokane area, which means there's a strong need for franchisees to join the brand to expand its territory.

Said Nyffeler, “Right now we have more clients in Washington in need of our services than we do potential franchisees. It’s just a matter of finding them.” 

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