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Elk Grove Citizen: Signal 88 Security to Expand in Elk Grove, California
The city was recently named one of the fastest growing in the country economically.

A report from the website WalletHub recently named Elk Grove, California as one of the fastest growing cities economically. The Elk Grove Citizen spoke with Signal 88 Security chief development officer Kevin Jones about the brand and their plans for the Elk Grove area.

The article details the Signal 88 concept, and also mentions that the brand has someone looking to grow in the area.

Said Jones to the Citizen, “We present ourselves as a deterrent, so we go out and we’ll patrol for whatever amount of time is needed. We actually write reports, we take pictures and we send reports to each of our clients every night. We have someone just to the north (of Elk Grove) and he is interested in expanding to other areas, including Elk Grove."

To read the original article, click here.