Signal 88 Attracts Franchisees as Ties to Law Enforcement Strengthen

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Signal 88 Attracts Franchisees as Ties to Law Enforcement Strengthen
Signal 88 Attracts Franchisees as Ties to Law Enforcement Strengthen
Those with backgrounds in law enforcement find their skills and business mentality align with Signal 88.

Those with careers in law enforcement develop a specific set of skills that often lend themselves well to security—like the ability to manage a crisis, understanding how to effectively secure a space and being able to detect when something isn’t right. Individuals with a background in law enforcement also have a deep understanding of how to work within a team while being able to hold themselves accountable, too.

Armed with these valuable skillsets, more and more individuals who have worked in law enforcement are turning to Signal 88 Security, an industry-leading security service providing peace of mind for residential, commercial, retail and institutional customers. Franchising with Signal 88 is unique in that it gives former cops and detectives the opportunity to be their own boss and utilize the skills they’ve accrued throughout their career. Not only is it a natural fit, but it also has the potential to offer a stronger income and more dependable future. Whether it’s for just one of these reasons or a combination of all of the above, people with law enforcement experience, like franchisees Reggie Bruster, Ronnie Mossotti and Jeff Gural, have found themselves at Signal 88.

Bruster has always had his hand in a few baskets, working at a sheriff’s department, as a police academy teacher, running a dog training company and investigating narcotics and property crime. In 2014, he left all of this behind to embark on two business ventures: running a private investigation company and signing on as a franchisee with Signal 88. Though Bruster attributes his background in law enforcement as what led him to the security company, he says that security and law enforcement are two very different careers.

“Not only are the rules of security different than the rules of law enforcement, but there’s also the whole business component to it as well, like hiring and administrative tasks,” says Bruster. But what security and law enforcement do have in common, he says, is the desire to serve and help others. “Most people join law enforcement because they want to help people and truly believe in their communities. I’ve invested 20-plus years of my life to keeping others safe. And for those who have deep seated roots in law enforcement, switching over to Signal 88 just makes sense.”

The sense of community and support from both corporate and Bruster’s fellow Signal 88 franchisees are strong contributors to his satisfaction with the security company.

“There’s a roadmap that’s provided to you and it helps you avoid some pitfalls,” says Bruster. “There’s a network filled with people from different walks of life, and it’s been a great support to be able to ask questions and get direction. There are a couple Signal 88 franchisees that I talk to almost daily.”

Signal 88 franchisee Ronnie Mossotti was attracted to the concept after looking for a more secure financial path for his family.

“I was looking for a career change when I came across Signal 88,” says Mossotti. “I could tell it was going to be a good fit based on my background as a cop, as I was helping people and securing properties. I couldn’t deny the opportunity to be my own boss and have greater financial success than I would as a police officer.”

Officially launching his business in 2015, Mossotti is beginning to reap the rewards of the transition and has built out a team he’s proud of.

“I kind of always thought I would do something in business eventually,” he says. “I really enjoyed my time in the police force, but wanted to do more to support my family. There’s also a great amount of support from other Signal 88 franchisees. I enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor and I’m hoping to expand my territory in the future.”

Former police officer and soldier, Jeff Gural, learned about Signal 88 while working as a police mentor in Afghanistan. Fellow U.S. contractors told him about the security company and he knew immediately that it would be a good fit for him. In 2013, after returning to the U.S., Gural was set to open his business in Camden, New Jersey. Only one year earlier, Camden had been named as one of the most dangerous towns in America, making it an important market for a security business.

After three years, Gural says his business is bringing in double the amount of revenue Signal 88 had projected for him.

“The support we get from headquarters and other franchisees has been instrumental to my success,” says Gural.


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